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Sinai Scholars Society

Sinai Scholars Society



Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University is proud to present this exclusive society!

We are proud to offer a unique Jewish course at Carnegie Mellon University. This course will be limited to 15 students.

Qualified students completing the course are awarded a stipend of $350, and are invited to participate in follow-up leadership events both locally and nationally.

The Core: Jewish Wisdom for Modern Life

1. Identity: What does it mean to be a Jew?
2. Purpose: A Jewish approach to finding the meaning of life
3. Freedom: The value of Shabbat in a 24/7 world
4. Love: Jewish insights that make relationships better
5. Spirituality: Jewish perspectives on the Divine
6. Values: A Jewish approach to ethical living
7. Joy: How can we overcome struggles and achieve happiness?
8. Continuity: What will Jewish life look like in the future?

For more info on the course visit the registration page online.

The group meets for eight classes on Sundays. Students participate in the discussion, experience a Shabbaton, and write a paper on one of the classes.

Limited spots available.

Please call Rabbi Shlomo if you have any questions. 412-390-5078

Sundays - October 9 to December 4 - 12:30-2:00 pm
Registration is now open!

1) You must attend all 8 classes
2) You must attend a Shabbat Dinner
3) You must agree to write a paper on one of the classes.
4) If you cannot participate in any part of the program because of a scheduling conflict you must notify us in advance.


ISRAELINKS - 3 Week Trip to Israel
In partnership with IsraeLinks, Sinai Scholars alumni are offered the choice to trade in their $350 stipend upon complete of the course, for a $500 value to reserve their spot on the incredible IsraeLinks Trip. Email for details.



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