Kosher on Carnegie Mellon University





Tahini by Elegant Edge 

Location: Cohon Center, Legacy Plaza

Carnegie Mellon's food truck, the Tartan Express, reopens this fall featuring Tahini by Elegant Edge, serving fresh, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, certified kosher by the Vaad Harabonim of Greater Pittsburgh. The menu features shawarma, vegan eggplant “shawarma” and falafel pita sandwiches, couscous and hummus bowls, and freshly prepared sides and salads including bourekas, tabbouleh, Israeli salad, grape leaves, chickpea salad and zahtar pita fries. Offerings include a wide variety of plant-based, vegan options and menu items that can be prepared without gluten-containing ingredients.

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Entropy- Kosher Grab and Go 

Carnegie Mellon has opened a new Grab and Go option for all of students at CMU. They also have a wide variety of Kosher products for sale in the on campus store. Look below for sample menu.

Carnegie Mellon is a short bus ride away from the Jewish community, where you can find bakeries, a pizza shop and other kosher food options. For more info please call Rabbi Shlomo at 412-390-5078

Kosher Menu (2).jpg