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Welcome to Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University

   Chabad of CMU is...

  • Chabad of CMU welcomes all Jews regardless of background, observance or affiliation. We strive to anticipate and serve the needs of students and faculty and be a home-away-from-home for Jewish students on campus.
  • Chabad of CMU believes that Jewish education and meaningful experiences are the most effective method to fight the indifference, apathy and assimilation that face our community today. This is based on the ideology of Chabad Chassidism, which has its foundation, the encompassing mitzvah “to love every Jew as one loves oneself.” Chabad tirelessly delivers a universal message that each individual is invaluable and has a direct and powerful ability to bring wholeness and peace to the world.
  • Chabad of CMU seeks to accomplish these goals by engaging every Jew at his/her own pace and comfort level so as to foster greater Jewish identity and commitment.
  • We are a Jewish organization on campus that provides an exciting variety of social, educational, and cultural programming for students.


Rabbi Shlomo Silverman delivering the invocation at CMU's Graduation Ceremony.

Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University, "Your Jewish connection on Campus" was established in 2008 by Directors Rabbi Shlomo and Chani Silverman. Rabbi Shlomo is the past Chairman of the Council of Religious Advisers.

Chabad of CMU offers a wide variety of regular programs: from holiday celebrations to concerts, Shabbat meals to hands-on workshops, social action to learning programs. 

For more information sign up for our weekly emails, and other exiting programs on the horizon.

We welcome your participation and hope to meet you soon.  So come on by to “the warmest place away from home,” and make our home your home.