Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Chabad?

A: Chabad is a worldwide movement that spreads Jewish awareness to all Jews whether male or female, old or young. Its roots are in White Russia in a small town by the name of Lubavitch. The word Chabad is an acronym for Chachmah, Binah, Daas, which means wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. The idea is to turn intellect to action. Simply put, Chabad's message is "don't just think it, do it". This is exactly what Chabad does. Chabad Houses can be found in every part of the world such as, Tasmania, Russia, Hawaii, and Bangkok and in each one of those places Chabad is doing everything it can to help Jews be Jewish.

Q: What does Chabad do on campus?

A: Chabad provides Jewish students with an exciting, inclusive, joy filled community and non stop Jewish activity. Chabad serves the religious/spiritual/pastoral and educational needs of Jewish students as well as providing an outlet for some of the most cutting edge social and recreational activities on campus. Chabad provides open hearts and listening ears as well as crisis intervention and referrals in time of need. Chabad makes Shabbat and Jewish holidays come alive and brings the programming to a level where Jewish celebration becomes the focus rather than a detail of college life for many Most importantly, Chabad is a home away from home; always there, always waiting, always accepting of those that come through its doors.

Q: Do only religious people come to Chabad?

A: Absolutely not! Chabad is a place for all Jews regardless of their affiliations or ties. Most of the students who come to Chabad are not “religious”, some come with more and some with a little less Jewish education, and others with none at all. One of the exciting things about Chabad is that there are so many different types of activities and so many different types of people that participate.

Q. Alright, but really, what kind of kids come to Chabad?

A: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Grad Students

Liberals and Conservatives, Greeks and Geeks, Party Animals and Book Worms, Introverts and Extroverts, Sephardim and Ashkenazim

Students on campus and students from off campus

Any Jew that moves!

Q: What happens if I don't know what to do at services or at a holiday celebration?

A:Don't worry, everyone is learning and one has to start sometime, and what better place than at Chabad? There is always someone willing to help you.

Q: All this is great, but how do I join?

A: Joining Chabad is simple! Just come on by. If you’re Jewish you already belong! To join our mailing list just click here.

Q: So how much time do I have to dedicate to Chabad activities?

A: As little or as much as you want. Chabad is like a big pool. Some people swim in the deep end, some in the shallow, some just want to stick their toes in and some want to sit pool side. People also change their level of involvement from semester to semester. Come to Shabbat dinner, or an event and stay as long as you want. Take it from there… If you wish to become very active and take on a leadership role, boy can we give you opportunities!

Q: But wait!! How much does it cost?

A: Nothing! Just bring yourself and lots of friends!